If you have recently been in a vehicle accident, you might find yourself looking for an auto accident injury chiropractor near you. Unfortunately, it’s quite possible that you could suffer chronic pain, including migraines, after getting in an accident. The good news is that a chiropractor in our network can help you secure lasting relief. By utilizing a chiropractic network, you may be able to reduce if not eradicate neck pain. Get in touch with us at Pain Free Accident if you are looking for a chiropractor near you.


The Basics of Whiplash

Cars can move fast. When you get into an accident, however, the vehicle may go from moving very fast to an immediate halt. While the car may stop, your body will continue traveling forward. The seatbelt should prevent most of your body from moving too far, but your head and neck could whip forward. If so, the result is whiplash.

When you experience whiplash, it’s quite likely that the bones and tissues in your neck and back will be strained and damaged, causing chronic pain. Sadly, this personal injury might not clear up on its own. Rest and respite might provide relief for a time but often the pain might return or never fully go away. The good news is that by working with a chiropractor, you may be able to secure lasting pain relief. Whiplash might also happen as a workplace injury or a personal injury.

Treatment for Whiplash

One of the biggest problems with whiplash is that you might not heal on your own. It’s not uncommon to suffer lasting strain and pain for weeks after the accident. You may also notice that you are experiencing more frequent headaches and other issues. This may be because your spine and other tissues have been knocked out of proper alignment. Fortunately, by finding a chiropractor near you, you may be able to restore your body to its proper order.

Spinal manipulation, or chiropractic adjustment, can help you get your spine into its correct shape. Meanwhile, soft tissue mobilization can help reduce muscle tension. Various exercises can also help restore strength in your neck and back. All of this can help pave the way for lasting neck pain relief.

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