Auto Accident Injury

Treatment for Auto Accident Injuries

Auto accidents can cause a variety of injuries that result in ongoing pain, stiffness, and problems with normal mobility. In some cases, you may not realize you have an injury until some time after the accident has occurred, and you suddenly find yourself dealing with back, joint, or neck discomfort. At Pain Free Accident, we provide effective treatment for auto accident injuries.


Common Auto Accident Injuries

Head injuries are common in car accidents and can leave individuals with ongoing jaw pain, headaches, or whiplash. An impact can involve damage to the spinal column, resulting in back pain, hip dysfunction, and issues with the sciatic nerve that cause numbness, tingling, and problems with walking. You may experience arm or leg pain from an accident, or you may have poor shoulder mobility. Your chiropractor can address these problems with a variety of treatment methods.

Symptoms of Auto Accident-Related Injuries

People who have been in an auto accident often report feeling fine immediately after the impact but later notice physical problems related to the crash. They may have suffered whiplash, which can manifest with symptoms beyond simple neck pain, including headaches, concentration problems, sleep issues, and depression. Back pain may develop over time due to misalignment caused by the crash, while hip pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, or leg pain can worsen over time.

Auto Accident Injury Treatments

Your chiropractor will take a complete medical history and discuss your symptoms to get a full picture of your current condition. Physical examination, x-rays, and MRI testing can help pinpoint problems related to vehicle impacts. The chiropractor will design an individualized care plan for your needs, which may include manual adjustments, soft tissue therapies, heat or cold therapy, electronic nerve stimulation, and cold laser therapy for pain relief. You may find that the strength in your arms or legs is affected by the accident.

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